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RSVPme features

RSVPme offers a fully featured invitation RSVP service.
Which includes SMS and E-mail RSVP.

Electronic Invitation Hosting

We look after the hosting of your invitiation, no fuss.

SMS Invitation & Replies

We provide an easy SMS invitation and response service.

E-Mail Invitation & Replies

We can also provide e-mail invitations and responses together with SMS or standalone.

Cost Effective

Our solution is cost effective and doesn't require any upfront setup or monthly costs.

Cross-Device Support

With SMS an mobile device can receive the notification.

Easy setup

The setup is easy, we assist with the contacts template, upload and processing of your invites.

Pure & Simple

Our solution is simple and hassle free.

Enterprise Options Available

We do have enterprise features available such as email integration and other security features if needed.

Custom Development

We can provide custom development if you have specific requirements or larger event needs.

Choose your plan

We have a simple pricing structure - NO STEUP FEES, NO CONTRACTS. You pay per individual RSVP, this includes an outgoing invite and response from your guest, any adidtional responses per guest will be charged at the package fee you chose. Simple and no hidden costs.



per RSVP
Our simple and easy option for when you only require SMS invitations with RSVP via SMS.
  • Flat rate includes reply RSVP SMS
  • Unlimited Guest List
  • Link to Electronic Invite on rsvpme.co.za
  • Support
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per RSVP
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per RSVP
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